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She Got Up

Make No Mistake! Ms. Freeman Got Up! After a series of inexplicable, supernatural attacks against her life, Janice Freeman fought back the only way she knew how---with the supernatural forces of God! In "She Got Up" Freeman talks about the harrowing, near catastrophes which tried to destroy her life, and and how she clung to God, moment by moment. Within each experience you'll see the in-your-face proof of God's deliverance, bringing her to the safe harbor of His protection. Janice Freeman won her fight, and she's about to show you how to win yours! Speaker Who Didn't Lose Her Voice Through Domestic Violence Is Now #1 Best Selling Award-Winning Author


Janice Freeman

With Faith and God's Blessings. I  continue to stand and follow the process of she got up.


Writing On The Wall

Speaking through the ink can fill your mind with incredible knowledge. I share my stories from my heart and pray for you. Whenever you fall, pray and get up with glory.

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It made me think of the obstacles my mother and we had gone through. Everyone has their own life experiences and decisions, but always better by the side of GOD! HE gives us the strength to keep moving forward in the right path! Remember every bad thing that happens, there is an answer with GOD! Janice is a brave woman who has conquered her life through Christ! Motivates and empowers you to BELIEVE you will get through too. Don’t give up! GOD is your answer.


"Get up and win - Your voice has Volume"

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Janice Freeman

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She Got Up: Gallery

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Janice Freeman expresses her personal testimonies to  bring forth change for all women who walk across this beautiful planet. She believes, women should remain strong and get up through the fight. Always remember to stand firm. Belief starts with self.

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